{Audiovisual Performance}

Alchemy is an audiovisual performance piece created by Jason Hou and Miao Jing, and produced by Hibanana Studio. In the team, Miao Jing as the visual artist, creates all the visual assets of the performance and he performs on the stage for visual output; Jason Hou as a musician, composes and performs on the stage as well.


The concept of the project is inspired by recent archeology discoveries which suggest a flourished global civilization in remote past could have been wiped out by cataclysmic floods. Such event is remembered in myths all around the world. Miao Jing and Jason Hou set out to create a story of the destruction of an imagined civilization, to provoke interest to investigate our past with an open mind and to view our existence in the universe in a wider perspective.



Alchemy is an extended version of their previous audiovisual installation work “Transition”, but not limited by the topic and forms. Artists standing in a wide historical perspective, they categorized the culture to be three parts based on timeline: Remote Ancient Time, modern as our today’s world, and the future. Based on their research, culture from ancient time left lots of  huge heritage for us. Artists set themselves as an archaeologist, researched on the ritual activities and cultural icons in the ancient time, and recreate them in an abstract form;


In the section 2, “the modern”, artists creates a series of audiovisual experiences to arouse people to re-thinking the fact of ever-changing technology, to resonate more similar feeling of all internet generation and computer generation are experiencing; in the last section, “futurism”,artists try to imagine what gonna happen and what will look like in our future world. The futurism is always a complex for human being. “Who are we? Where do we come from? And Where are we going?” is always a question in our mind.